Thrive Shrimp all in one fertilizer

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Thrive Shrimp | Aquapaysage

Question: Why do i recommand to use Thrive shrimp instead another brand ?

Answer: Thrive shrimp is an easy to dose, super concentrated all-in-one liquid fertilizer. It is based on an effective EI dosing method with all essential micro and macro nutrients designed to help aquatic plants truly Thrive. It eliminates the need for multiple products to manage the planted aquarium and includes an easy to use pump design for simple spill-free dosing. Also NilocG Aquatic is the only one made a fertilizer for Shrimp owner without any copper in.

  •  Thrive Shrimp is a truly comprehensive supplement for planted shrimp tanks
  •  Thrive Shrimp is specially designed to support plant growth without putting sensitive shrimp at risk
  •  Provides the necessary macro and micro nutrients
  •  Does not contain copper
  •  Highly concentrated all in one fertilizer
  • Treat 2500 gallons (500ml) to 10,000 gallons (2000ml)

Copper is necessary for all living organisms, including shrimp.  They are however quite sensitive to elevated levels and it is because of this that it is not included in Thrive Shrimp.  Shrimp will get all the necessary copper from their diet.  There is no need to add additional copper through the process of dosing for your plants.

Continue with normal water change routine, monitor nutrient levels and alter dosing amounts as needed.

Analysis:  N 0.43%, P 0.062%, K 4.75%, 0.38% Mg, 0.009% B, 0.005% Zn, 0.38% Fe, 0.19% Mn, 0.0009% Mo